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  1. Moving wick led candle
  2. Moving wick led candle

Moving wick led candle

  • Model No.:HL-LED012
  • Brand:Haili
  • Material:Paraffin wax ,Battery,Electronic accessories

China profession candle supplier |Led candle|Scented candle |Pure paraffin wax with high quality electronic accessories, Warm Yellow light with 2keys remote control. According to customer request .

  1. Detailed information

Moving Wick Paraffin Wax LED Candle/ Flameless Led candle 

2keys remote control; Warm yellow light

3AAA batteries

Packing: 3pcs/set

Size:3*4/5/6 inch

Material: paraffin wax
Shape: pillar, wave shed
Light source: LED light
Brightness: 120 levels
Timer: 4 hours / 8 hours

Flameless paraffin wax Led candle

Best quality, Good price ,Just like a real candle ,Safer than real candles

Made of paraffin wax material
Beautiful appearance: round wavy edge design.
Built-in color changing LED light.
No flame, no smoke, energy-saving and environmental protection.
Blow out and shake on / off function.


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