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Beeswax candle

  • Model No.:HL-Bees003
  • Brand:Haili
  • Material:Beeswax

China profession candle supplier |Beeswax candle|Scented candle |different size ,different shaped ,different weight with best quality. According to customer request .

  1. Detailed information

Beeswax Candle

Size:Various sizes are available
Feature:Scented or unscented
Shape: Pillar; Square;  Taper ect.

Beautiful design in series for Home Decoration.
Place the candle on the table and light it up, soak yourself into the aromatic and romantic atmosphere.

Can use customer's brand (According to customer request)

Good Quality and Best competitive price .

More products information, pls contact seller anytime . Email ,Phone ,Whatsapp, Wechat ,Skype or MSN.

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