professional birthday candle supplier 中国专业蜡烛供应商

About Us

200X200.jpgWe are professional candle supplier ,is located in shijiazhuang city,Hebei ,China. Haili Manufacture Co., Ltd. ( focused on product design and innovation. Now with a number of production and processing enterprises to establish partnership, successfully operating a variety of products. 

At present main products are: White candle| Birthday candle| Scented candle| Led candle| Crafts candle| Wedding candle| Church candle| Christmas candle| Tealight candle| Jelly candle


About Haili Manufacture : Modern production equipment, top innovation concept, mature production technology, advanced production technology, scientific management system, sophisticated testing equipment, perfect detection means, a stable customer base. Is the Haili manufacture based on the book.
My company adhering to the innovative concept, and constantly optimize the product, keep improving to provide clients with high quality and reliable service. For design and production, it is our pleasure, and Haili manufacturing are looking forward to cooperating with you!

To carry forward Chinese culture, Casting Chinese brand, To combine resources,  Lead the field ,To do the safest plush toys, To embrace healthy and happy life.
Integrity is the foundation of all cooperation, Tolerance is the premise to solve the problem, Innovation is the development of career, The most effective tools for service is fundamental to create value.

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